We are delighted to publish our annual UCD Champions – Changing Futures Impact Report

UCD Foundation is delighted to publish our annual UCD Champions – Changing Futures Impact Report

In the past year, over 3,500 UCD alumni and friends came together to get behind an amazing initiative.

Thanks to our UCD Champions, UCD Foundation was able to award 121 scholarships to deserving and hardworking students for the academic year 2017/2018, which means you have helped us break another record with the amount of scholarships raised.

With your support, we were also able to make UCD more accessible for all students by purchasing library books and updating campus facilities.

Please read the report below to see what a difference our alumni have made to the future of UCD and to see the faces behind the numbers.

The Annual Newman Fellowship Programme Dinner 2018

The annual Newman Fellowship Programme Dinner was held on Tuesday, 6th March 2018 with UCD President Professor Andrew J. Deeks welcoming Donors, Fellows and their Academic Mentors to celebrate UCD’s pioneering postdoctoral research initiative, the Newman Fellowship Programme.

The Newman Fellowship Programme is funded entirely by philanthropy and provides vital funding at post-doctoral level across the University. During the evening, Dr Nonnie McNicholas, Biogen Idec Newman Fellow in Neurology and Dr Jana Musilová, AbbVie Newman Fellow in Dermatology outlined the research that they are undertaking during their two-year fellowship and the impact that it is having.


For further information on the Newman Fellowship Programme, visit www.ucdfoundation.ie/newman-fellowship/



If you would like to discuss opportunities for establishing a Newman Fellowship in any of the academic disciplines supported by UCD, please contact Liz McFeely.

E: liz.mcfeely@ucdfoundation.ie
T: +353 (0)1 716 1287

Open Call for 2018 Maria Helena Kopschitz and Gus Martin Memorial Postgraduate Scholarships

UCD Foundation is delighted to announce the continued support of the Maria Helena Kopschitz and Gus Martin Memorial Postgraduate Scholarships in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama.


Maria Helena Kopschitz was Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Fluminense Federal University, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Professor Kopschitz retained strong links with Ireland throughout her career. She served as Vice-President of the Brazilian Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (ABEI). She was a highly accomplished and sensitive translator, her legacy of translation including a myriad of poems, plays and short stories. This scholarship will strengthen the long tradition of cultural links between Ireland and Brazil by supporting Brazilian students to further their education in Anglo-Irish literature.


The Maria Helena Kopschitz Scholarship in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama was established in 2014 and honours the pioneering contribution to Irish studies in Brazil made by Professor Maria Helena Kopschitz. This scholarship is sponsored by a generous donor and will provide full tuition (international fee) and accommodation costs to a Brazilian student to pursue the UCD MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama. For information on how to apply for the 2018 UCD Maria Helena Kopschitz Scholarship, download this pdf.


Professor Gus Martin was a respected figure nationally and internationally in academia, the study of Irish literature and politics; he served as a member of Seanad Éireann (1973-1981) and was Chairman of the Board of the Abbey Theatre (1985). In 1964 he joined the English department of UCD as a lecturer specialising in Anglo-Irish literature and was subsequently involved with the redrawing of the schools’ English literature curriculum as a founder member of the Association for Teachers of English (ATE). During this period, he edited the text books Exploring English (1 and 3) and Soundings. In 1973, he competed his doctoral thesis on James Stephens. In 1979, he succeeded Roger McHugh as Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature.


The Gus Martin Memorial Postgraduate Scholarship in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama was established in 2015 and honours the contribution and legacy to Irish literary studies of the late Professor Augustine Martin, Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama (1979-1995). This scholarship is sponsored by a generous donor and will provide full tuition (international fee) to a graduate of a North American college/university to pursue the UCD MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, a unique educational and cultural experience that will be invaluable to the scholar’s future life and career. For information on how to apply for the 2018 UCD Gus Martin Memorial Postgraduate Scholarship, download this pdf.


UCD Energy Institute welcomes Dr Eddie O’Connor to UCD for launch of SuperNode

UCD Energy Institute recently welcomed Dr Eddie O’Connor (BE, MIE), the founder and chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power and Global Wind Energy Council’s Global Ambassador to UCD O’Brien Centre for Science for the official launch of the SuperNode.


In 2001 Dr O’Connor initiated proposals for the Supergrid which resulted in the establishment of ‘The Friends of the Supergrid’ (FOSG) who advocate for the interconnection of different grids to achieve an interconnected smart infrastructure, empower citizens and to harmonise European Energy Policy.


“Last year, for the first time ever, Europe generated more electricity from wind, solar and biomass than from coal. This is a clear sign that a transformation is underway, but we need to go further, faster.”


Dr O’Connor also praised the work that is underway across the North Seas region to better connect countries and he emphasised the need for a single architect to design a meshed grid based on the SuperNode, which he said will be, “the electric super-highway which will link wind generation in Ireland to customers across the continent and bring Spanish solar power to light homes in Dublin.”


During his talk he referenced the President of France, Emmanuel Macron’s six key actions to change Europe and to lead international action on climate change and stated that: “Ultimately, the SuperNode will bring about the type of ‘ecological transformation’ that President Macron has called for.”






Introducing MoLI – A museum of literature for the world’s greatest storytellers

On Friday 2 February, UCD Foundation joined in the official launch event of the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Iveagh House, Dublin. A historic partnership between UCD and the National Library of Ireland, the new landmark cultural institution will be in the heart of Dublin at Newman House, the original home of UCD.


The day was significant for many reasons: it represented not only James Joyce’s birthday, but also the anniversary of the first ever publication of one of his most celebrated texts, Ulysses.


The Museum of Literature Ireland sets a precedent for large scale, collaborative public engagement projects in the cultural heritage sector. Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the National Library of Ireland said: “This exciting partnership brings together expertise and priceless treasures from the National Library and UCD to create a new and unique destination, the MoLI. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our extraordinary collections, including Copy No. 1 of Ulysses, with visitors from across Ireland and the world.”


Eamonn Ceannt, Chair, MoLI, acknowledged the donors and support that the project has received to date: “MoLI could not have been made possible without the extraordinary generosity of Martin & Carmel Naughton, Desmond Green and Catherine Cotter as well as other significant philanthropic contributions and a most welcome €2.5m grant from Fáilte Ireland.”


Outlining Fáilte Ireland’s commitment to the project, the tourism authority’s Chairman Michael Cawley emphasised: “Literature is in the fabric of Dublin and the city is rightly renowned for its rich literary heritage. I have always felt that Dublin, and indeed Ireland, deserves a project of scale, ambition and impact to appropriately reflect the contribution of its native writers. For us in tourism, Dublin truly is the ‘City of Words’ and-with this new attraction-we now have the ability to express that clearly and give visitors the opportunity to explore our literary past and immerse themselves in the city’s contemporary writing scene.”


While MoLI will showcase and interpret the history of Ireland’s literary culture, it will also look to the present and future of Irish writing. This dual vision will be achieved through an education and outreach programme that will include school programmes, lectures, seminars and symposia, writer and publisher interviews and readings, digital broadcasting, artistic commissions, as well as book clubs, social events and research facilities.


Simon O’Connor, Director of MoLI, spoke about the contemporary approach to the museum: “The 21st Century museum is not a place that simply remembers what went before. It is a site of vastly different experiences, inspired by the past and imagining the future, through an open door and with an open mind.”


The Museum of Literature Ireland will open in Spring 2019 and UCD Foundation looks forward to the many celebrations of Irish literature that MoLI will bring in its wake.

For more information, visit www.moli.ie



Generous philanthropist and keen supporter of UCD to fund new athletics track

UCD is proud to announce, with the support of a major philanthropic donation, that it is now able to move forward with the design, planning and development of a new, state of the art €3 million track-and-field facility at the heart of Belfield campus.


The cost of the track will be covered in full by a generous donor, including its maintenance for the next twenty years. Philanthropy plays a critical role in UCD’s success and we are indebted to our many supporters who go above and beyond in an advisory, advocacy and financial capacity for the good of the University.


UCD President, Professor Andrew Deeks said, “Our entire university community owes an enormous debt of gratitude to this donor, and to all donors to the University, for the remarkable generosity that is enabling us to transform the teaching, research and sporting facilities on campus for this generation and for generations to come.”


UCD is proud to be recognised as a centre of excellence in sports science and the new running track will be part of a comprehensive and far-reaching initiative to provide a world-class sporting environment at UCD.


The old running track at Belfield was precious to many. Indeed, world records were set on it, and UCD looks forward to setting and breaking many more of them in the exciting years to come.

Mark English, Olympian and UCD Ad Astra Elite Athlete

Frank O’Mara, Marcus O’Sullivan, Ray Flynn and Eamonn Coghlan doing a lap of honour after setting the world record for the 4×1 mile relay on the Belfield track in August 1985

Intel Partners with UCD to fund 18 Masters Students

Intel Leixlip recently welcomed 18 Intel funded Masters students from UCD. The full time Masters students in Science, Engineering and related disciplines were on site to meet their Intel industry mentors and receive commendation for their achievements to date. The sponsorship programme is part of an ongoing strategic partnership between Intel and UCD.

In addition to providing the Masters students with financial support for their academic studies, the program also provides the students with employee mentors from Intel to give them a direct relationship to the world of work.

Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott said, “To borrow a phrase from Andy Bryant; Chairman of the Intel Board of Directors, “The ingredient we begin with is sand, everything else is value added by people,” So the bridge between sand and leading edge 14nm devices is the determination, ingenuity and creativity of the people working here, and that is why talent development is at the cornerstone of this [strategic partnership] with UCD.”

UCD President, Professor Deeks added, “As well as the scholarships being announced today, UCD is also pleased to partner with the Intel Women in Technology scholarship programme and is grateful to Intel for its support of the development of the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science.”



For more information


Google Ireland Employees supporting deserving students.

A number of Google employees have recently chosen the UCD Champions – Changing Futures Scholarship appeal as their preferred charity for company gift matching and volunteering donations. We are delighted to announce, because of these efforts, that this autumn the first UCD Champion Scholar supported by Google staff volunteering and gift matching will be starting in UCD.


If you would like to get involved you can do so in a number of different ways.

  • Through Benevity, you can allocate your Google for Doers volunteering donation towards the ‘UCD Champions – Changing Futures’ project.
  • If you have made a direct donation to UCD Foundation you can log on to the Google Gift Matching service, where you can apply to have your gift doubled by Google.
  • You can also make a donation online through the donate now button at the top of this page. Gifts of over €250 per year are not only eligible to be matched by Google but are also eligible for tax relief at a rate of 45%. This means a gift of €250 in one calendar year would be worth €612 to us at no extra cost to you.

On behalf of the students who will benefit from your generosity we would like to thank you for the incredible chance you will give them.


If you would like to learn more please contact:

Molly Dillion-Leetch

Regular Giving Assistant

Tel: +353 1 7161073

Email: info@ucdfoundation.ie




UCD Foundation is delighted to publish our annual UCD Champions – Changing Futures Impact Report

In the past year, 3,500 UCD alumni have been coming together to get behind an amazing initiative, UCD Champions– Changing Futures.

The support of our UCD Champions has enabled UCD Foundation to award 102 scholarships to deserving and hardworking students for the academic year 2016/2017, which is the largest number of scholarships we have ever been able to award.

With their support, we were also able to make a tangible difference to the student experience at UCD by supporting library books and campus facilities.


Below you can read the impact that being a UCD Champion has on the lives of our scholarships students and the University as a whole.

Thank you to all who supported UCD in our recent fundraising campaign

In spring of this year a dedicated group of UCD student callers rang 5,000 of our alumni over a period of seven weeks to talk to them about their time in UCD as well as to fundraise for the UCD Champions – Changing Futures appeal.

Over the seven week period an amazing €330,000 was raised in aid of the UCD Champions – Changing Futures appeal. We would like to say a big thank you to the collective support of our alumni. By becoming a UCD Champion you make access to third level education more accessible and affordable, and enable bright young people to pursue their degree, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. As UCD has always attracted the keenest and brightest minds, it is important that each UCD student is given the opportunity to undertake their degree and fully participate in campus life, regardless of their means.
On behalf of the students who benefit from this scholarship appeal we would like to say a big thank you for your generosity.


Donal, Kate, Johnjoe and Leon UCD Student Callers.