About Us

UCD Foundation

UCD Foundation was established in 1997 to advance the strategic goals and objectives of University College Dublin under the direction of an independent Board of Directors.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

UCD Foundation is committed to transparency in all of its operations and as such, publishes a yearly report which details the way in which monies are used. To see the current, and previous reports, click here.

Support Our Mission 

Our Mission is to foster a lifelong sense of pride among our alumni and friends to inspire, engage and motivate them to support UCD.

Our Vision

UCD is supported by a proud global community who advance the future of UCD as a centre of excellence in learning, education and research.

Our Challenge

The challenge today is to position the university to facilitate a new wave of Ireland’s development in the highly competitive and globalised 21st Century. To this end, UCD relies on our support and the extraordinary support of her alumni, donors and friends to help it achieve its mission.

UCD’s alumni and donors may contribute to UCD Foundation by simply clicking on our donate now button to make and instant donation or you can visit our Ways To Give page for more options on how you can help.

About our charity

UCD Foundation is an independent charity (CHY 12448) and is UCD’s preferred destination for all private donations. It is an approved body within the meaning of Section 848A and Schedule 26A of the Taxes Consolidation Act (TCA) 1997.

Charities Act 2009

The Foundation’s primary function is

  • To generate financial support for research and teaching Campaign for UCD.
  • fundraising for development programmes.
  • support academic initiatives.