At UCD we are committed to ensuring equality of access and opportunity for our students. These values are shared by our alumni and donors, with whose altruistic support we continue to break down the barriers of social and economic disadvantage and provide life-changing educational opportunities for all our students.

Supporting students is a wonderful way for alumni to give back, recognising the transformative power of education, and the value of investing in skills and talents of the rising generations of innovators and thought leaders across the academic disciplines.

in their Future

Thanks to the vision and trust of our philanthropic supporters, UCD is moving forward with ambitious plans to change the world through innovative research and outstanding teaching and learning.  A key enabler of our progress is building a world-class campus, so that it can rise to the global challenges of the future.

to Changing the World

Investing in our capacity to conduct impactful, ground breaking research has never been more critical, as we tackle the numerous complex challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. We are relying on our brightest and most creative minds to develop solutions that will bring about a fairer, safer and better world.