Ad Astra

Ad Astra or To the Stars is UCD’s motto.

UCD is strongly committed to encouraging students with exceptional talents to develop their abilities to their full potential.

Launched in 2011, the Ad Astra Academy is UCD’s flagship scholarship programme. Through membership of the Ad Astra Academy, students displaying an elite potential to international standards in academic pursuits, sports or performing arts are encouraged and supported to develop their talent further.

Ad Astra Academy scholars are provided with a range of benefits: mentoring, leadership development activities and innovative supports to allow them to achieve at the highest levels. The students, in turn, make a significant contribution to the Academy, the University and when they graduate, to society at large.

When you support someone rather than something, your investment goes a lot further.

Make your mark on Ireland’s future.

For more information on supporting the Ad Astra Academy, please get in touch:

Orlaith O’Rourke