Alanna's Story

“I am thoroughly enjoying my time in UCD this semester, as I get to go on clinical placement, putting into practice in the maternity wards what I have learned in theory at UCD. There have been so many surreal and incredible moments and I really feel like I am making a difference in the lives of mothers and babies. My confidence in my skills is growing each day and it has really reaffirmed my love for Midwifery and how grateful I am to be pursuing my dream career. 

I know none of this would have been possible without this scholarship. I am the first woman in my family to attend university and I am determined to honour that privilege. Before I received the first instalment, I remember looking at my bank account and wondering how I could afford my studies. However, as a recipient of this scholarship, I no longer have any doubts about what I can achieve. Instead, I can focus on becoming the best midwife, mother, and role model I can be. 

Leaving those soul-destroying insecurities behind has allowed me to fully embrace my time at UCD. I am no longer preoccupied with worries of how I will feed my children while paying my fees. There is no question which I would have prioritised but thankfully, I have never had to make that choice since receiving this scholarship. I can continue my studies and thrive while knowing that I am doing everything I can to build the best life for myself and for my children. It is also an honour to give back to the community by supporting women and their families through maternity care. 

I have faced a considerable amount of pressure both emotionally and financially as a single mother, and although I have always been organised and strict with budgeting, I have never been able to feel comfortable financially. Due to the current cost-of-living crisis, I have faced even more strain so I am more grateful than ever for this scholarship. While it can be difficult, the funding this scholarship has provided is easing so much of the anxiety I am facing. I am so proud of how far I have come and so excited by the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I have worked hard to get to where I am and I will use my determination to graduate, no matter what challenges I face.” 


“I am the first woman in my family to attend university and I am determined to honour that privilege.”

Alanna Kavanagh

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