UCD Champions ‘Opening Doors’ Alumni Fund

Did you know that if you had just completed secondary school in Dublin 6 today, you would now have a 99% probability of going on to 3rd level education?*

The decision to go to university would be in your hands. For many young people in Ireland today however, going to university is simply not an option. In DEIS** school areas throughout Ireland, only 12% of students progress to third level: that’s on average, for many schools the number is even lower.*

At UCD, we want to change this picture so that young people like Kate Farrelly (below) – the first in her family to attend third level and the only student from her year to attend UCD – have the opportunity that their talent demands. Through their success they will be able to influence other young people with the ability to succeed.

That is why we are asking you to support our UCD Champions ‘Opening Doors’ Alumni Fund today. A tax- efficient regular gift of €25 per month or a single gift of €250 would help to ensure that the brightest and most deserving students receive scholarship support at UCD. It will help provide them with access to Library Books and a suitable learning environment. Your gift will literally change lives.

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Difficulties coming from DEIS to UCD

“In my area there are a lot of social issues. Only some go directly to third level. Finances were my biggest worry when I was in sixth year. When my dad passed away, my family were not earning as much. I am the youngest in my family and no one had gone to college.”

Being an outsider
“In one of my first tutorials in UCD, I was put in a group and a guy asked me “How is someone like you able to come here?” He had an idea of where in Tallaght I was from and how that could limit my options. There are kids there who have so much potential but they are scared to even attempt to reach it because they don’t want to be seen as ‘different’.”

Getting the same chance as everyone else
“There is a sense in the area that I come from that money is needed more at home than spent on going to university. The scholarship meant I was less anxious coming to college, I could soak up the college experience and do well in my classes without worrying about finances.”

Showing others its possible

“One of the big impacts I have seen from programmes run by UCD Access and Lifelong Learning is that now a lot more kids are motivated to aim higher. The thought of going seemed really exciting for them. Going back to teach in schools like mine and working with these students shows them it’s possible.”

Will you join with your classmates and become a UCD Champion and help transform a deserving student’s life?
Together we can achieve great things; we can shape the future of tomorrow’s UCD



The UCD Champions – Changing Futures campaign has been awarded a silver medal by the International Council for Advancement and Support of Education. This award recognises the impact UCD Champions are making and sets it as the standard for other universities to follow.

*Source: The Higher Education Authority (HEA),Consultation Paper Towards the development of a new National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education, 2014 – 2017.

**DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) is a Department of Education and Skills programme, designed to give tailored support to schools with a high concentration of disadvantage.

Should we exceed our minimum target of 100 scholarships this year, additional funds may be allocated strategically to the President’s priorities, include providing library books and campus facilities to
further support the student experience.