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“Hand on my heart studying in UCD was fantastic. I’d love to go back. The scholarship really helped me to be able to study while living in Dublin. I was working at the weekends in a bar but it wouldn’t have been close to being able to pay rent and bills along with books and the other expenses that come with college. I moved up to Dublin, largely because of the scholarship instead of commuting 3 hours to and from Monaghan. The housing crisis was beginning to get really apparent around then and it was difficult to find anywhere affordable near campus. I was able to commute to and from college and actually attend all my lectures without being stuck on a bus for hours on end. To actually have that time to study midweek was brilliant.

For my mental health, not being worried about my finances was huge. A scholarship helps to relieve you of that burden and allow you to actually focus on your future and your studies as opposed to thinking, “am I able to have dinner tonight?” or, “can I afford rent next week?”

If it wasn’t for the scholarship allowing me to have that free time for the extra curriculars I was involved in like the Social Enterprise Society, becoming Business and Careers editor and guesting on a business show that went on to win the Best Business Show in Ireland. Without it I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work in the industry at that early age. To a large extent those extra curriculars have significantly contributed to my career now. Because of my scholarship, it was the experience I gained through UCD that has brought me to the point where I am now.

Your donation, no matter how much, goes a very long way. What that does for a person coming from a lower socioeconomic background or from a completely different path of life is exceptional, and completely changes what they can do in their own future. Thank you!”


Not being worried about your finances was huge, just to relieve me of that burden, it  allowed me to actually focus on my future and my studies as opposed to, “am I able to have dinner tonight?” or, “can I afford rent next week?

Ciarán Busby

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