Colin's Story

Colin is a visionary engineer, life changer, humanitarian and inspiration to all who know him. Included in Forbes 30 under 30 list of young people most likely to change the world, Colin Keogh is a shining example of how your support transforms lives.

“None of this would have happened without me receiving the precious financial gift every year for four years. It’s that simple. My dad was a car mechanic for 35 years and I assumed that would be my destiny. I had huge difficulty learning to read and needed special needs teaching. Nobody in my family had ever gone to university. My parents worked from when they were 14. There was never any expectation of third level education.

I am so grateful for the UCD Access Scholarship Programme. The financial support I received was vital to my success. It meant, although I had to work every summer, all summer and some weekends, I didn’t have to prioritise a term time job over lectures and study.

Thanks to my scholarship, my mum was inspired to go to UCD, and she now has a degree in Business. My brother is in third level education; as are my cousins. One scholarship can have an amazing compound effect.”


 “Thanks to my scholarship, my mum was inspired to go to UCD, and she now has a degree in Business”

Colin Keogh

Colin has gone on to establish the Rapid Foundation which designs, fits and supplies low cost 3D printed prosthetics and other assistive technologies to people who need them most. By believing in students like Colin, our alumni and donors have not only transformed their lives, they are helping them to show their families and communities that no one should be denied a higher education simply because of their circumstances. 

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