Feeding Ireland’s Healthcare Heroes

When UCD alumnus Cian O’Flaherty set up the ‘Feed the Heroes’ GoFundMe page on 15 March, he was hoping to raise about €1,000 to provide food for some of the healthcare heroes working flat out in hospitals and on the frontline of COVID-19 testing.

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However, the response to Cian’s “very small, bright idea” has far exceeded his expectations, as the Irish public responded with immense generosity. Within two weeks, more than €430,000 has already been donated.

The money is being used to pay restaurants and kitchens to prepare and deliver meals to hospital and emergency workers, who are putting in long hours in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Over 10,000 meals have already been delivered to grateful healthcare staff.

“It’s brilliant. We are completely overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone,” said Dr Claire Tynan at St Columcille’s Hospital.