Centre for Future Learning

The Centre for Future Learning will be an exciting new central learning hub on campus. 

It has been designed with active learning as its core objective, incorporating the kinds of formal and informal spaces that students need to acquire and practise the wide range of skills that they will need to thrive in the 21st century.  

The Centre for Future Learning will provide a modern, technology-enabled learning environment, designed for flexibility of use, with adaptable spaces to facilitate group activities and engagement with lecturers. This is a unique opportunity to set new standards of technology and adaptability within classrooms and other learning spaces that will be applied across campus as older buildings are retrofitted.  The design also pays close attention to the circulation spaces within the building to create a welcoming and comfortable space to meet and to study. 

The Centre for Future Learning has been designed to support the University’s diverse community of students by adhering to principles of universal design and the creation of agile/flexible spaces that are responsive to different users’ needs.

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