Keeping Families Connected Through Digital Technology

Being critically ill in hospital and without the comfort of visits from family and friends can be an incredibly scary and lonely experience. This is especially true for older people, who may not have smartphones or other digital devices that would enable them to remain connected to their loved ones.

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UCD alumna Suzanne Stewart experienced first-hand the emotional distress caused by COVID-19 when her partner was hospitalised with the illness, but thanks to digital communication technology she was able to keep in touch with him while she remained isolated at home. This relieved her own anxiety, and was – she believes – an important factor in expediting her partner’s recovery.

Along with friends Ciara Close and Emma Farrell – whom she met at UCD while studying for the Smurfit MBA in 2019 – Suzanne has launched a crowdfunding campaign to source 100 digital tablets for hospitals and nursing homes, to enable families to remain connected during this difficult time.

Covid19 Tablet Campaign #comfort4covid