Lydia's Story

Being able to attend UCD was an opportunity that I would not have had the chance to experience had it not been for this scholarship. I would not have been able to go through college and go on to do a Masters had it not been for this support. I was the first in my family to attend university and there were a lot of social barriers for me to overcome in order to take up my place. 


I was over the moon to receive my place in UCD but I had no idea how I would afford my fees and living costs. When I found out I would receive this scholarship, the relief and happiness I felt cannot be put into words. Knowing that I was being supported through college by the kindness and generosity of strangers is a feeling that not very many people can relate to. It was such a motivating force throughout my time in UCD. I went through a lot of struggles, and the idea of dropping out definitely crossed my mind. However, the thought I might disappoint someone who has helped fund my scholarship motivated me to keep working and studying hard. Knowing that a stranger has that kind of belief in me and in my abilities was so meaningful. 


I find it hard to put into words what this scholarship has meant to me and to my family. Without this scholarship, I would not be a teacher. I would not have been able to go on and do something I love every single day. This scholarship has given me so much, more than just financial support; It has given me the drive to succeed, and such a feeling of belonging and worthiness. I currently work as a teacher in a Deis school, and a lot of my students are not in the position to go to college due to their socioeconomic status. We actually organised a College Awareness week and I went around to each class to talk to them about the scholarships and grants that are available to them. The knock-on effect of this scholarship is so visible here, and I hope to pass on the motivation and knowledge that I was lucky enough to receive during my time in college. 


If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to donate, I would not second guess it. The tangible impact it has on students’ lives is incredible. I wish I could speak face-to-face to the people who supported my scholarship and let them know what a change it has made in my life. What the UCD Champions are doing is absolutely fantastic and I am sure that everyone who has received a scholarship, like me, will be eternally grateful.”


  “The knock-on effect of this scholarship is so visible here, and I hope to pass on the motivation and knowledge that I was lucky enough to receive during my time in college.”

Lydia Sinnott

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