Message in a Bottle

The UCD Intel Masters Scholars is a programme that rewards Creativity and Innovation, something that this global pandemic is asking a little bit of us all as we adapt to the new normal.

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Since 2016, Intel has supported 49 UCD master’s student bursaries and co-supported a number of PhD students through the programme, with one of the highlights of the year being the annual live event run by the students themselves.

Created to promote Engineering and Science in UCD and the UCD Intel Masters Scholarship programme, in previous years the Scholars have organised a panel of speakers from UCD and Intel to discuss an interesting topic.

They were naturally disappointed when they were advised that this year’s event would not go ahead, well not in the format first envisaged.  Since then, and under the tutelage of Dr Kevin Nolan, Assistant Professor in UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, along with UCD Foundation, they have put much thought and initiative into seeing how they might rise to the challenge and overcome this obstacle and perhaps have an alternative virtual event.

The end result is a very special online series called Message in a Bottle, a video series where the panel members and scholars have recorded short but very personal videos detailing their career paths.

You can see some examples below, while the full playlist is available on YouTube.