What is the class gift challenge?

UCD Champions Cothrom na Féinne scholarships provide life-changing support to deserving students who are unable to afford the cost of university. There are significant barriers to attending university, from the high cost of living to affording essential equipment – these barriers disproportionately affect students from low-income backgrounds. Every year there are students with huge potential, who are forced to give up the place they have earned on their course simply because of their financial circumstances. This is something which can be changed with the right support.

Your MGA milestone reunion is a wonderful occasion. To mark and celebrate it, members of your class have come together to initiate a challenge for your class to collectively fund a scholarship to support the next generation of UCD Medicine students. These scholarships will help ensure that regardless of the disadvantage and barriers they face, deserving medicine students have the support they need to follow in your footsteps and become doctors.

Ryan is an example of a student who is currently benefitting from an alumni funded scholarship. He has shared his story in the hope that it will demonstrate just how life-changing your generosity can be.

Ryan's Story

“Prior to coming to UCD, I was worried that I wouldn’t get the points in my Leaving Cert and HPAT exam for Medicine. I couldn’t afford grinds or private education. I was not able to afford HPAT revision courses like other people and it weighed heavily on me that it was up to me to get the points I needed. Thankfully, I discovered the HEAR scheme in 6th year of secondary school and it meant that I qualified for reduced points for my chosen courses.

The main barrier facing me when I first arrived at UCD was financing. At 18, I was already hyper-aware of my family’s low-income status but when I arrived at college, that awareness was heightened. Coming from a low-income, single-parent household, I was worried that my financial circumstances would limit me both academically and socially. I knew that for a lot of students in my class money was never going to be an issue. Before I came to UCD, I didn’t even have a laptop, but thanks to my scholarship, I no longer have to worry about these things.

My time in UCD has been incredible. I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve made some amazing friends, really got involved with societies and am now on my clinical placement. My scholarship has been truly life-changing. It has taken the financial burden off my shoulders significantly. Given the current cost of living crisis, the scholarship has meant that I can cover my rent and any additional bills each month. Frankly, I’m not sure if I could’ve sustained a life in Dublin or even still be in third-level education if I didn’t have the scholarship. My scholarship has given me the opportunity to flourish in college and has meant that I am now able to solely focus on my academics.

I understand that not all alumni are in a position to support a scholarship such as this one; however, to those who are, I would highly implore you to do so. This scholarship has truly changed my life and because of it, I will be a doctor in 2025 and one day, I too, will be able to support these scholarships so that kids like me never feel that they can’t achieve their dreams because of financial burdens.”


 “Frankly, I’m not sure if I would even still be in third-level education if I didn’t have a scholarship.”

Ryan Moran

Your support can make the difference between a student like Ryan being able to take up their place in UCD or being forced to drop out. By making a small but regular gift of €25 per month or whatever you can afford, you can ensure that a deserving student has the opportunity of a university education and can secure their future. For gifts worth €250 or more in a year, we are able to claim 45% tax back.

100% of your donation will go towards the fund with nothing spent on administration. 

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