Oumba's Story

“For starters I would like to say how thankful I am for being chosen for the scholarship. The donation that was donated to me played a huge role in my life, as it enabled the opportunity of taking some amount off my current fees. It was a huge benefit not only for me but for my family as this contribution reassures us that we are not dealing with this alone and that the school is there to support when needed.

The main reason for applying for the scholarship was for fees related issues, after getting denied multiple scholarships and Susi, I felt a worrisome feeling that I wouldn’t be able to cover my fees and continue with my 3rd level education but after receiving the scholarship I felt less worried as the amount that is needed to be covered has lessened.

The issue of fees is an issue that has affected me personally and has had an affect on my school performance. But receiving the scholarship puts a less stress and pressured environment for me and to put my full focus towards my education.

I personally wish to thank the donor for their generous donation , their hospitality should will not be forgotten, as even the little offering can make a difference in someone life. It surely has made one in mine. Offering can give way to new and open doors for someone in their life and pursuing what they love. I also would like to thank my student advisor and the engineering department for their full support of listening and understanding my situation and supporting me throughout.”


I Want To Give

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