Our Goal

Students are facing daily challenges; many are unable to afford even the basic necessities to allow them to continue their degree. It is our goal to make sure deserving students get the opportunity to study in 3rd level and lessen the financial strain on individuals and families.

Every gift makes a difference


It is only with the generosity of alumni and friends that we can provide deserving students with the opportunity to attend UCD and reach their incredible potential. Your support will help ensure that regardless of their financial circumstances, young people across Ireland have equal access to education.

Any gift can make an impact on the life of a student

-€1500 can cover a student’s rent costs for the month

-€500 can cover a student’s food costs for the month

-€30 can cover a student’s monthly travel costs.


Make a difference.

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Your support can make the difference between a student being able to take up their place in UCD or being forced to drop out. By making a small but regular gift of €25 per month or whatever you can afford, you can ensure that a deserving student has the opportunity of a university education and can secure their future. For gifts worth €250 or more in a year, we are able to claim 45% tax back.

100% of your donation will go towards the fund with nothing spent on administration. 

You can donate by clicking the donate now button below.

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