102 Cothrom na Féinne Scholars, with an additional 26 centrally funded by UCD. 3 Post-graduate scholarships.10 new undergraduate scholarships with provision for 5 Ad Astra Scholars.

0% of your gift is spent on administration, 100% goes directly towards benefitting students who need it the most.


4,000 UCD graduates became UCD Champions in the academic year 2017/2018 by kindly supporting our scholarship student.

UCD graduates raised €2.3 million in cash and pledges of future support towards our annual giving programme.


In addition to ongoing support of existing scholars, UCD alumni helped us assign an extra €816,200 to new entrants for the academic year 2018/2019, €80,000 of which is in support of post-graduate students.

Thanks to our incredible alumni we were also able to dedicate €180,000 to ensure the mental health needs of our students are cared for. This was the no. 1 priority for the student population last year.