Ad Astra Academic Scholarships

The UCD Ad Astra Academic scholars have a proven record of academic excellence and a desire to continue to achieve at the highest level. The academic strand is designed to foster their talents by providing these students with a range of benefits to perform to their full potential while at UCD.

Our academic scholars have undertaken research placements and internships at world-renowned institutions, they have volunteered overseas in a wide range of development programmes, and achieved high academic honours.

“Knowing that academic support was always available from my academic mentor if I needed it was a real advantage and gave me peace of mind. The other Ad Astra scholars in my class were a source of support and advice for me during the year, and we would often work together.

The monetary support provided by Ad Astra meant I could dedicate time during the semester to my athletics and orienteering training and did not need a part-time job. I was part of a UCD team which won the Irish Women’s Intervarsity Orienteering Championships 2018. I am hoping to represent Ireland at the World University Orienteering Championships this year, and so having the luxury of extra training time during the semester was a real bonus.

Thank you for all your support, the Ad Astra scholarship and its associated benefits really make a difference to the university lives of each and every scholar, and help us all achieve our full potential.”

Róisín Long
Academic Scholar
Mechanical Engineering, Stage 4

Conor White Ad Astra Academic Scholar

“The Academy has given me a sense of determination and enthusiasm to go for the things that I am interested in. It has given me a lot of confidence in my degree and in my other extra-curricular activities. I am doing a Law degree so I have been really involved in things like the Law Society, and I was on the editorial board of the UCD Law Review in the Sutherland School of Law. It has really provided me with a strong academic focus.

On top of that, the Academy’s financial support gives me more freedom in how I spend my time. As I don’t have to search for a part-time job, I can dedicate my time towards my studies and extra-curricular activities. The scholarship enables me to contribute to my own development but also to get involved in societies and make contributions to wider life in UCD. For example, I spent the past year as the Vice Auditor of UCD Law Society, which we grew to UCD’s largest society. We regularly hosted events for hundreds of UCD students. I am extremely grateful for the support that the Ad Astra scholarship offers and the opportunities that it has given me.”

Conor White
Academic Scholar
Law, Stage 3

“Receiving the Ad Astra Academic scholarship was a great achievement and a fantastic validation of all the work and effort I put into my study. Being part of the Academy permitted me to engage with academic mentors and students from other streams, which benefited me both academically and socially. The support from the Academy staff was also so helpful, with the various lunchtime seminars being a particular highlight. It was wonderful to have all this assistance from the Academy, especially as I headed into Stage 3. Additionally, entering university as a mature student can be a difficult financial endeavour and the scholarship became a really valuable support.”

Nicola Guy
Academic Scholar
Mature Student
English and Information Studies, Stage 3